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How To Have Proper Cuddle Sex

One of the key ways to enjoy sex is to make it an actual couple experience instead of a physical act that happens on a schedule. Cuddle sex is really the best way to get to know each other in bed, learn more about what makes the other tick - and also learn about yourself in the process. Cuddle sex doesn’t just wear out your body, it exhausts your mind and goes much deeper than otherwise possible.

Be vulnerable

Cuddle sex is something special because it requires mutual weakness and vulnerability from both partners, and likely more than each of you is really comfortable with. Regular sex often enough creates a strange sense of distance, or brings pressure to perform into the mix. You aren’t really connected in mind even as your bodies do connect, and that creates a dissonance that cuddle sex can solve.

Cuddling is vulnerability above all other things, because you are giving yourself into the care of someone else. Sex can be both weak and strong, it can be a flirt or a negotiation, hard or soft - but there is no way to appear strong while you are letting someone touch you in places that mess with your mind more than your body, for no good reason other than that you want it.

You are looking deep into each other’s eyes, probably just inches between them, you can feel each other’s breath and even a whisper reaches your eyes like yelling because you are so close.

Try to skip the penetration for once

This is weird, but if it works for you and your partner then it can be one of the most caring, cute forms of sex that a couple can have. Make it all more about the cuddling and the massaging, the smiling and giggling and telling each other stories with your eyes. Often enough, the penetration portion of sex detracts and distracts more than it adds. You can touch her and explore her body with your fingers, and really try to understand her body and its reactions to your touches. Chances are that this will work much better for her than you could perform on a cocktail of chemicals with the ferocity of a rabbit.

And for you, chances are that you can reach an orgasm just fine along the way, without ever having to enter her. All you really need is friction, and the right mindset to step back your ego just a tad to allow yourself that giggling fun of being unable to contain yourself any longer.

Save it for the odd hours

There is just something about the late nights and early mornings, when neither of you can keep both eyes open at the same time. Cuddle sex works best when your mind is starting to fray, when you know you should really be asleep by now, but can’t.

The sex is the middle of the road, not the end of it

The great difference between cuddly and regular sex is that it does not really end, not before you finally are too tired to stay awake. You cuddle yourself towards the point where you have sex, and once that is over it goes right back to cuddling, smiling, talking about things that needed saying, or don’t.