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How To Make Tasteful Sex Jokes

The easiest way to win is having horrible competition

There are those times when you are at a party, at a cafe, and one of the guys just HAS to bring the conversation down to a sexual level, and everyone is forced to laugh or fear looking like they have a stick up their butt.

In these instances, you can shine with a single, well-placed joke that fits the situation, or you can even say something like “since we’re talking sex all the time anyway, how about this joke”. That’s an easy win.

Don’t be so crass

I am German, and our language is… not exactly romantic, and so are our minds. Our language lacks nuance in the choice of tone, so the same thing would sound entirely different in English, Spanish or Italian than in German.

That being said, we have a lot of nuance in the choice of words, because we have a word for everything. You can adopt a kind of “fade to black” style of telling your jokes, or you can be the joke-telling equivalent of a Brazzers video.

Show some respect

A lot of guys tell sex jokes that are either crass or lack respect, especially for the women who are present. If your joke makes someone else defensive you have told it wrong, or told the wrong joke.

Nobody really enjoys a joke about sexual harassment during a coffee at the cafe, but if you

Restrain yourself

Jokes are like smiles, cuddles, pretty much anything: Being able to get there once doesn’t mean you can make the rest of the evening nothing but that.