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Platonic Date Night Ideas That Will Leave An Impression

Sometimes, I find myself going on what I call either pseudo-dates or platonic date nights, so anything where two friends are alone for a day, going on a little adventure but without any kind of romantic interest. Or if there is any, it’s kept in check, and for good reason.

In a way, these are even more fun than actual dates because they allow you to relax and still get to that fun portion where you’re having a good time together.

So, here are some fun ideas for platonic date nights, or date-days if you prefer.

Ironically go on a fancy dinner date

I will never forget a “dinner date” that I had with a friend of mine. Granted, she was a little pissed that night because her husband was drunk in bed, which made the whole situation a little dangerous for me to ask her, but I’m glad that I did.

I started off promising her I would keep myself in check (and did), and from there we kind of went ahead and played fetch with each other for the rest of the evening. We dressed up ever so slightly, had an upscale dinner, and by the time I brought her home we were both thoroughly weirded out by how much fun this was.

But it’s probably good that her and I, and the internet are the only three who know about that evening.

Do a puzzle together

A friend of mine travels for work, and when I visited her once we noticed that we truly enjoy doing puzzles together.

It is a little weird because I can not bring myself to start one on my own, but with her it gives us that perfect way to let the conversation flow as we hunt for pieces.

Sometimes she will text me pictures when pieces on the edge don’t fit and I try to find the flaw, which feels a bit like that long-distance chess that people used to play. It’s fun, and I cherish that experience.

Meet during odd times

Since I have a couple friends who are working shifts and I can more or less start late or leave early, we sometimes make things work to meet up.

There’s something quirky about meeting during the very early morning hours, going for a walk in a pitch-black forest, and having thermos tea on a park bench by a lake. Good memories, I can recommend.