Essential guidance for anyone who was wondering

The Starter Kit For An Active Social Life

Free your mind and life

Before you go out, you should really go inside, and think about your life. You won’t feel good and you won’t be good if all you do is play a game of mascerade to hide the person you really are.

If your life needs fixing you need to fix it, or you won’t be able to clear your mind and really benefit from social outings or be beneficial to others.

There was a point in my life when I was neck-deep in a chaos of overspending, undersaving, hated the apartment in the city I hated. I wasn’t okay with my loneliness and I absolutely did not care for the people who surrounded me because they were boring and possibly battling the same kind of issues as I was.

A couple years later I now live much differently, in a smaller apartment out in a smaller town, with a cute car that I can afford to replace over night should it somehow break apart. I have time and savings enough to both enjoy and be enjoyable, because I don’t really have to stress myself on a day-to-day basis.

And all of that took more time and effort than it took me money to achieve, I still have the same job as I used to, it were my habits that changed.

Social life works best when you have other things to do, but nothing better