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7 Risky Things To Help Your Friends With

Be the balance point to what’s bad for them

In my experience you won’t convince anyone of something they have willingly accepted into their lives. I’ve had friends staying in abusive relationships, despite being otherwise lively, intelligent, and adventurous. It’s a mix of blind spot and an ill-fated reliance, and it’s a point where real friends are crucial in my opinion.

You don’t ever want to preach anything, it won’t work. It’s like discussing religion or politic, it’s either an echo chamber of likeminded opinions or a heated argument serving no one. Most people will leave in a situation like this, and former friends fade into the obscurity of time.

But if you are there as a sort of balance point, listening, trying to understand what makes their heads work this way, then you can make a real difference.

Tell them what nobody else does

Be accepting of their weak and dark moments