Essential guidance for anyone who was wondering

How To Be A Good Friend For The Women Around You

Don’t try to have sex with them

It is hard to overstate the importance of a guy in your life who doesn’t actively try to sleep with you, even though he could most certainly be convinced. It can feel like walking into a heated store entrance during a cold winter day, you want neither the cold outside, nor the wares inside, and hardly anyone will let you stand in the entrance to take in the warmth.


Provide adventures

Big or small, actually the smaller the better, adventures are worth more in life than money or whatever earthly possessions one could think of. Once you establish a certain trust (refer to step 1), you will find

Be the guy who keeps their secrets in the vault

I’m actually a little scared with how many people are telling me secrets I wouldn’t mind not knowing, and certainly didn’t ask for. At the same time I highly value the trust placed in me and make sure I earn it in retrospect ##