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How To Give Compliments To Guys As A Woman

Compliments are a fun thing, and woefully underused in most conversations and relationships. This goes both ways, but this post is specifically for women who want to be nice to their friends or coworkers without coming off as necessarily flirting.

That can be a fine line to walk, as us guys are often not used to being randomly complimented, which can make the experience confusing.

Don’t compliment their appearance

To compliment someone’s appearance is almost bound to be misunderstood. However, if you can’t think of anything else, then you can try a version of “I dig that jacket, where did you get it?” over something like “You’re looking great today”.

At work you can compliment their fast response time or helpful explanations when they answer emails, or the way they steer a meeting away from derailing. Find something that we are good at and compliment that, it’ll do the same effect while creating a sort of distance that doesn’t come off as flirty.

Don’t focus on just one person

This is good advice in general for compliments, it always comes off wrong when you focus on a single person and behave differently to others.

Make sure to set boundaries where needed

Do it jokingly if needed