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How To Give Her A Sensual Massage She Won't Forget

Realize that this is completely different to a regular massage

If you are at this point chances are that you have a good bit of experience with touches, massages, cuddling and just generally enjoying each other’s presence.

However, a sensual massage is a completely different kind of experience, by a whole bunch of factors:

  • The usual massage stretches across neck and back, shoulders and arms, but not the rest of the body
  • A sensual massage really requires her to undress which takes a fair amount of trust
  • This isn’t something you do on a couch, or with other friends present
  • It takes preparation and likely means bedroom time, and towel.

All of these combined make a sensual massage a definite step up the ladder of what is appropriate among two friends, to the point where it may actually beneficial sometimes if the person giving the massage is a professional and stranger. But for the sake of this post, let’s assume that you are both reasonably comfortable with the idea and around each other.

Just know that merely getting to this point shows a lot of trust, and not just on her side either.

Get some massage oil

The main difference between the friendly (or even sensual) cuddling and backrubbing is that the sensual massage is, for the lack of a better word, messy. You’ll need a towel underneath, a fair amount of comfortable space, and a bottle of massage oil. This oil is sticky, smells of flowers, often enough warms up when it comes into contact with skin. This is essential and not just because it smells of essential oils, it creates the main difference in how the massage is performed and experienced.

You don’t need a lot of this oil because it reaches quite far, and a small bottle usually is enough for several massages.

Optional: add the whole barrage of clichés

When, if not now, is ever the time to light scented candles? Whether you put that lewd-frenchman-music on ironically for the giggles or do it in earnest, there are few times in life when these are even to be considered - and thereby it can be good fun and add to the experience.

Allow both of you time to familiarize your bodies (again)

It is crucial that you give both of you time to get familiar to each other’s touch, because there are several points that

Sensual doesn’t (have to) mean sexual

Listen to her body

Keep her mind occupied

Once you overcome that initial awkwardness the biggest hurdle will actually become to keep her occupied. A sensual massage is like an onslaught on all nerves and the body, and it can lead to a sort of over-stimulation that leads to a feeling quite like boredom, even while still enjoying the physical massage.

That’s why now is the time to talk, ideally in a story-telling way that doesn’t require her to answer, allows her to fully lean into the massage and just lie there, and listen.