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7 Truly Attractive Qualities You Can Develop This Year

Take control of your life

There is nothing more attractive than someone who is in charge of their own life. That means you can choose how you spend your time and nobody forces you to. If now you decide to spend time with someone, they know it is from your honest heart and interest.


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The Laws Of Cuddling

Unwritten rules that probably should be written about

Cuddling seems so simple, which is probably why it is barely touched on (hah) in sex ed, or at any other point in life. Nobody ever tells you about the rules and laws, how to get there and how not to mess things up.

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5 types of flirting only confident people can pull off

And that can entertain the whole group

Flirting is fun, quirky, all kinds of awkward and exhilarating - and few people have the confidence to get to the really good parts. We as society are drilled to fear the other gender, that’s what decades of misogyny and feminist zealotry on either end of the spectrum have left us with.