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How To Behave On The Morning After

How To Behave On The Morning After

So, it happened, I guess? Neither of us had much reason to say no last night, and things went downhill from there, hah.

Now we are here, together, and you are under my blanket, I under yours? It doesn’t matter how good the decision seemed at the time, and how good you made me feel during the night, there is just no way to avoid feeling awkward about it in the morning.

Even though it is likely the good kind of awkward, we still have to deal with it, and make sure that we part on a high note, waiting for the time we can get back together.

Kiss me good morning?

If, by chance, you wake up before I do, then now is the chance to get away with what you know will mess with my mind the most. You already kissed me goodnight, that little peck on my forehead before you wrapped your arm around me and pulled me tight throughout the night - and that was already dangerous to my mental state.

Now, though? Now you kissed me in the morning as well, and that means something. It means that you still care about teasing, wooing, seducing me, even now that the sun is coming up and shedding light on our misdeeds. And no, I probably won’t open my eyes for this kiss, or even say more than a tired smile does, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t matter. Because it does, it actually fucking does.

Find the right point to leave

Let me put it this way: The right point to leave is likely not when I am still asleep. It sucks to fall asleep together, and then wake up alone.

Everything else is a matter of balance and nuance. It’s likely that you want to stay and I want you to, but eventually you’ll have to leave. Maybe you even have to leave early, to make it home in time to sit at your desk and join the daily standup with no one being the wiser of what you did tonight. Maybe there is time for breakfast in bed, or half-dressed breakfast in the kitchen.

Chances are that you shouldn’t stay much longer than that, after the night you just had you’ll both need breathing room, as hard as it may feel to leave.

Let me know you enjoyed the night

It may feel basic and cliche, but a simple “thank you for that” goes a long way, whatever that actually was.

It makes me blush in stupid ways, worse than last night’s whispered compliments did in the dark, and it will make me shrug and utter something nonsensical, for whatever that is worth.

Check in at some point during the day

You need to find a balance point between vanishing into thin air and annoying me with constant text messages throughout the day. A good way to go about it is to let me know when you made it home safe, and maybe text me again in the evening to complain about the lack of my body in your arms.

I’ll let you know if I need any more attention than that, but generally speaking, the day after is about the only time you can safely ignore me throughout most of the day. Chances are that I don’t have all that many words left in me, and we answered plenty of our mutual questions last night, no need to pile on to that.