How To Sell Nudes And Earn Money The Right Way

In this post I will go over what it takes to sell your nude pictures and videos on the internet – and how to do a better job of it than most who attempt it. I use the same techniques explained in here for my own work and it’s working for me – so it can work for you.

What makes a good site for selling nudes?

Finding A website for selling nudes isn’t all that complicated, but it will take some time to figure out the ones that work for you. So let us take a look at what a site needs to make it worth your time:

  • A good website for selling nudes has a community of users in addition to the mere upload functionality. This will help you get discovered, promoting your content is always the hardest part.
  • The fee structures vary wildly on the different websites that allow you to sell your nude pictures, so make sure to take a look and see if you want to pour work and time into a site that takes 50% of your earnings.
  • The site should be established enough to make people spend their hard earned money, many small and fresh sites look very spammy and people won’t be inclined to give out their credit card details.

So with those in mind let us take a look at some websites that fit the criteria and make selling your nudes fun and enjoyable.

is Bentbox good for selling nudes?

Bentbox is one of many sites that allow you to post nude pictures of yourself, but in my opinion it comes with some very nice benefits that make it stand apart from others:

  • They focus on high quality content so the overall impression of the site is very clean, classy and attracts paying customers.
  • They don’t have any distracting ads, the presentation of the site is very streamlined to help you sell your work.
  • They gate your content but also show some look-inside to the “boxes” (picture sets) so that people can get an idea of the quality of your work.
  • They are established and make it a breeze to buy and sell content.
  • They have a great “explore” page where you can easily discover new content and uploaders.
  • You can sell both pictures and videos, the site layout makes it easier to sell picture boxes than many other sites that are focused on video-only content.

In addition to those benefits their fee structure is also okay enough, they give you a hundred percent of your “asking price” and put their own commission of 35% on top. That is of course just a different view at taking a fee, but overall the site is very reasonable in the adult market and just about where I feel confident recommending them. Many other sites take 50% or even more from any sale you make – for very little actual work on their part apart from giving you the platform to sell.

So for me at least Bentbox is one of my favorites, even without any promotion at all I get some sales there and whenever I run a promotion campaign I usually see traffic and sales spike because people like buying there as much as I like selling.

is Patreon good for selling nudes?

Patreon is always worth mentioning, it comes with some nice benefits of its own:

  • As long as you mark your page as adult / nsfw and host your pictures away from their site (so for example a google drive folder) you are free to post adult content / nudes on Patreon.
  • Their fee structure is so-so, but reasonable. In fact I have five different accounts on Patreon for various things I do and I like being there.
  • It’s well-established, easily the most recognized platform for supporting creators and turning your hobbies into a job.
  • The payments are monthly / recurring, meaning that if you can get someone to sign up they stay with you for many months to come.

So overall Patreon is a pretty good place to be, if you need inspiration just take a look at Sabrina Dacos’ Patreon profile. She is doing a killer job both in her art and her business structure and you can learn a lot from just disecting her page and the way she promotes and does business.

Is OnlyFans good for selling nudes? is one of the major players and widely recognized, chances are that you’ll want to be there at least in the beginning to establish a presence. Many people are shifting away from the site in favor of Patreon or their own payment models, but if you aren’t yet established it is a good place to be and there isn’t anything wrong with the site. You sign up, you post, you promote and get paid.

However I have some problems recommending the site as I hear so many people wanting to leave or looking for alternatives, but my own experience has been positive so far and it’s definitely worth trying out and seeing if it works for you.

How to make great nudes that sell?

With the websites out of the way let’s talk about what it takes to make great nudes that sell for a moment.

For the sake of this post I want to focus on making great nude pictures rather than porn videos, but the general principles apply to both.

Find a niche for your nudes

Everyone will tell you to “find your niche” – and that’s because it’s so damn true. You’ll quickly find that if you do general “nude shot in the bathroom mirror” that you’ll be just one of a million or so doing that – every single day. You won’t stand out.

If, however you take an example from Sabrina Dacos above (or many others) you’ll find that she has found her niche and that she doesn’t even really have to do promotion anymore. Her fans do that for her by sharing the content she puts out and even if the watermark sometimes gets cropped out you can somehow see a Sabrina Dacos photoshoot by the way she does things. That’s where you want to be, instantly recognizable for your work and your unique spin on things.

Don’t settle for mediocre, make art instead

This should be obvious, but one of the main reasons why people don’t succeed is because they are nothing special and make nothing special.

We are on the internet, while your tits may be stunning to see in real life they are just one of many sets that are readily available online – so unless you find your spin then why should people spend their money on you?

That is something many people don’t realize when trying to make money with their nude pictures (and videos) – you have to make art. For videos it’s a bit different, you can make actually good money just by putting out videos that are well-lit and shot on a modern camera – but with pictures you have the potential to make great artwork with your body and camera.

I would suggest looking at erotic art in black and white for inspiration, and after that take a look at the nude photoshoots in abandoned places. They make for a great scenery, the decay contrasts with the beauty and you can do pretty much whatever and still come out with at least a decent picture. If you need an easy way into making artful nudes – this is it.

From there you can then let others inspire you until you find your own niche that you enjoy – and then you settle on it and have fun.

Enjoy yourself

Again this should be obvious: You are taking nude pictures of yourself for fun and profitability, right? So if you don’t enjoy it, then why bother? Go out, have some fun, try artsy shots and play with the settings on your camera – the fun you have will show in the result.

You can get something out of the experience apart from mere money – you can learn about photography, have fun and sneak into some cool places to take nude pictures of yourself and sell them for money later on.

How to promote your nude pictures on the internet?

Generally speaking the content creation is only one third of the work together with uploading to the various platforms and promoting your work – and promotion will always remain the hardest of them all.

That being said you are at a great advantage by being in the sex-sells space where promotion is actually quite simple and takes more time than effort. Chances are pretty good that if you can keep up great quality content you will grow and soon enough make sizable side income selling your nudes, potentially even full-time income just from doing what you love.

In general you’ll want to have more than half of your content floating around the internet for free or semi-free (so monetized with ads) and then leave the rest paywalled behind Patreon, bentbox and paid subscriptions or paid videos on pornhub. This is the sweet spot and balance between having paywalled content for people to buy and promoting your work so that people get a glimpse of what you have to offer. Especially if you run a Patreon campaign you don’t need all that much paywalled content as those who sign up want to support you and your content.

Here is a long list of places you can use to post your pictures and build your tribe:

  • has a subreddit for every niche imaginable, just for reference here are five that are so obscure you wouldn’t think they existed:
  • is today what Tumblr used to be before they banned all adult content: A great site to share pictures and curate and collect and have fun. You can create an account there and just by finding the right tags for your pictures you’ll see that people start finding you and sharing your content – it works for me and I don’t even promote bdsmlr at all. In fact it works the other way around, you might have landed on this website by clicking the link on my bdsmlr niche blogs.