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What Most People Don't Understand About Flirting

What Most People Don't Understand About Flirting

Flirting is so much fun, at least when you get two people on the same page who are both having great fun engaging in it.

However, too many people do not quite get some basic concepts of flirting, and that often times kills all potential for things that could have been. So, here is a bit of a primer about good flirting tips, and enjoyable flirts.

Flirting is rarely sexual

This one ahead of everything: Quality flirting is often times completely non-sexual, and more like joking and teasing and doing mundane things in interesting ways.

You can have great fun standing at a kitchen stove and cooking food, doing the dishes or just bouncing jokes back and forth across a dinner table - without ever needing to crack lewd jokes or something to that effect.

Flirting is all about providing a stage and comfort zone

Good flirting is rarely ever “pushy”, and far more about providing a general comfort zone for both of you. That means that the woman in question must allow some general leeway, and the guy is probably well-advised to tip-toe across the line instead of trying to wedge himself into it with crude force.

There is a lot of back-and-forth in flirting, a good bit of oh-no-you-didn’t, as well as are-you-still-okay-with-this kind of joking and teasing.

Good flirting is situational instead of planned

There is just nothing worse than watching a guy (mostly it’s the guys) who seem to operate off a playbook of some kind, and then quickly fall flat as soon as the conversation leaves the beaten track. At the same time, it is just intoxicating when the conversation flows and bounces back and forth, and each of you proves quick wits, or giggling laughter anytime they have to admit defeat.

Good flirting has viable reasons against it

Flirting lives and dies by a mix of patience and impatience, as well as mutual attraction and a good few reasons against acting on it. Without friction, there is really no reason to do a lot of flirting, and if there is no uphill struggle involved, then did it even matter?

Be it coworkers, friends of friends, daughters of people you respect - good flirting thrives on this potential for drama, and the nagging feeling that maybe it would be best to go home alone tonight.

Flirting can be totally harmless

Maybe the best kind of flirting is that which never leads anywhere - just a smile here, a shared chocolate bar between coworkers there. It may just be your way to get through a mindnumbingly boring meeting at work - that doesn’t mean you two end up in bed together, married, building a home and buying a dog.